We Have Solutions to Your Drainage System Problems

Discuss drainage solutions with a contractor in Rincon, Pooler & Savannah, GA

Water damage is one of the biggest threats to your home. If your yard is higher than your property or you don't have a functional drainage system, you need to take action immediately. Hound Dog Excavation, LLC provides drainage solutions for homeowners in Savannah and Rincon, GA.

We will drain your yard properly and install a better drainage system quickly. Call 912-777-9478 now to find out more about our drainage solutions.

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3 signs that you need a better drainage system

Hound Dog Excavation uses French drains to guide water away from your home and landscape. Here are some signs that you would benefit from installing a French drain on your Savannah or Rincon, GA property:

  1. You've noticed water creeping into your basement
  2. You have soggy spots in your front yard
  3. You've added a retaining wall on a hill or slope recently
Don't wait too long to take care of your drainage problem. Reach out to us to fix the problem quickly.