Find Culvert Pipe Replacement in Rincon, Pooler or Savannah, GA

Cover up your culvert pipe with our help

Is your culvert pipe an eyesore? No one wants a large drainage ditch ruining the look of their landscape. Hound Dog Excavation, LLC, located in Rincon, GA, can hide your unsightly culvert pipe with a cover that will improve the look of your property.

Need culvert pipe replacement services? We can do that, too. Call 912-777-9478 now to ask about our culvert pipe replacement and cover installation services in Savannah and Rincon, GA.

What we can do for your landscape

What we can do for your landscape

If your culvert is taking up a large part of your property or is just plain ugly, you can rest assured that we can take care of it. We'll clean out the culvert, lay the pipe inside and install a cover that will close the gap between your yard and the road. Once we're finished, your yard will have a more polished look while still allowing for proper drainage.